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Membership Overview

There are types of membership:

CEO Wisdom Exchange Membership

♦ Engage in ten monthly face-to-face briefings with some of the world’s most insightful business thought-leaders and best-selling leadership book authors.
♦ Participate in deep-dive discussions with your peers about the speaker's ideas.
♦ Share break-through ideas and discover what actions your peers plan to take.
♦ Receive a copy of every speaker's book.
♦ Gain value from missed meetings by optionally sending a qualified and approved C-level alternate when you cannot attend.

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CEO Guild Membership: CEO Leadership Edge or NCEO

♦ All member of the Chief Executive Guild receive full membership in the CEO Wisdom Exchange with all the above benefits.
♦ Regularly participate in a private, professionally facilitated CEO MasterMind Board – six to eight carefully curated peer chief executives with no other agenda but to support each other’s professional and personal success.
♦ Get unbiased, candid, expert advice and feedback from trusted, CEOs.
♦ Gain the clarity you need to make the best decisions and successfully navigate change by utilizing a proven mastermind process that focuses the CEO Board's collective wisdom on your critically important challenges and opportunities.
♦ Receive private integrated coaching each month with a professional CEO coach.
♦ Hold yourself accountable to your peers for the actions you choose to take.
♦ Significantly increase your professional success and personal growth.
♦ Deepen your personal fulfillment and achieve the life and legacy you desire.

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Attendees rank the Guild as
best in the Pacific Northwest

CEO Wisdom Exchange

—— Next Meeting ——
Friday, December 8, 2017

—— Meeting Topic ——
How the Best Companies
Continue to Keep
their Brand Relevant

—— Guest Thought Leader ——
Allen Adamson

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