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Membership Principles

All members agree to the following:

The CEO Wisdom Exchange brings chief executives together in a safe, confidential environment where they can discuss professional and personal issues. Members come together with the understanding that in exchange for their willingness to share their experience and knowledge, they gain access to the collective wisdom of their peers.

Therefore to maximize the value and effectiveness of membership in the CEO Wisdom Exchange, each member agrees to adhere to the following seven principles:

1. Confidentiality

Members agree that information divulged in CEOx meetings , deep-dive discussions, and personal conversations shall be treated as confidential.

We do not engage in discussions regarding, or ask members to share, highly confidential information (such as trade secrets, proprietary information, or information subject to a non-disclosure agreement). However, we do discuss leadership strategies and personal growth issues that may be sensitive in nature.

Members must use their own judgment and discretion in determining what information they choose to disclose. However, members typically feel secure and comfortable discussing their most challenging professional and personal issues and concerns because of the mutual understanding that members will honor the confidentiality of the information discussed in all CEOx forums and private personal conversations between members.

2. Non-Judgment

Members agree to honor the principle of sanctuary by listening and responding to their peers without judgment. The most valuable learnings emerge when discussing significant challenges and failures. The trust our members place in each other is too valuable to jeopardize with judgmental or lecturing responses.

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—— 2018 Q2 Meeting ——
Friday, May 11, 2018

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The Power of
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—— Guest Thought Leader ——
Frank Wagner

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